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Friends of the Park


We are excited to share that we have met our community fundraising goal of $200K!!! This would not have happened without the overwhelming support of our local residents, local business owners, Park Advisory Council Members and Alderman Tom Tunney (and his fabulous team)!

While our build goals are met, we are still actively fundraising to add to our “slush” fund to cover unforeseen construction costs and to build the nest egg that will fund our future park programs and to fund our annual landscaping maintenance program. We are going to build a stunning park and we want to keep it that way.

The window to participate in the Buy-A-Brick Program is quickly closing. If you are interested in purchasing a brick please click here or email

schoolplaylot@gmail.com today!


Come to an Advisory Council Meeting

We are actively seeking new volunteers. We need people to help with fundraising, park programing development and promotion and to join our landscaping committee. If you'd like to help, send an email to our council president, Jackie Earley at schoolplaylot@gmail.com.

Design Update

We're almost there! Check out images of the park that’s being built. Some highlights are:

  • water feature
  • three separate play areas for different age groups
  • shaded picnic tables and toddler play area
  • huge open turf area
  • customized representations of famous chicago sky scrapers
  • custom art from famed local artist David Lee Csiscko

School Street Preliminary Designs


Visit Easy Fundraising Ideas